Who is rachel hunter dating

Brian Helpman (John Noble), Rachel's superior begins blackmailing her about the relationship and Rachel is forced to come clean and is luckily able to continue as a doctor.

Kim is shocked when Barry is unmasked as the murderer of local mayor Josh West (Daniel Collopy) who blackmailed him about the death of Kim's mother, Kerry and stands by his father.

Kim and Barry's relationship becomes more and more strained to the point where Kim moves in with Tasha and Irene Roberts.

His ex, Brooke Mc Pherson (Alyssa Mc Clelland) returns, telling him he is the father of her son Charlie.

Kim is furious when realises Barry knew about the child but grows to love Charlie.

The truth is revealed that Charlie is not his son and Brooke leaves, with Kim and Barry's relationship no better than before.

During this time, Kim becomes close to Noah's widow, Hayley (Bec Cartwright; Ella Scott Lynch) and they have a brief fling which ends.

Kim dates Eve Jacobsen (Emily Perry), who is using the identity of Zoe Mc Callister.

Charlie kidnaps Rachel but he is foiled and instituationalised.

Kim arrives in Summer Bay after his father, Barry (Ivar Kants) is appointed principal of Summer Bay High at the start of the school year.

It is clear the two do not get along and already had previous issues when Barry taught at Kim's previous school.

Scott proposes to Hayley and they plan to leave Summer Bay with baby Noah, which infuriates Kim and he seeks legal advice.

After a meeting, Kim is run over by a car and it is revealed he does not share the baby's blood type, meaning he is not the father despite paternity results saying so (they were secretly swapped by Eve).

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