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Join us in social, share us between your friends - this will be the best revenue for us. The Brokenwood Mysteries comprises four two-hour murder mystery stories set in a seemingly quiet country town where the town's newest resident, Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd, finds that murder lurks in even the most homely location.

Plus-ones: Ex-con raisin farmer; overly aggressive live-chicken eater; gay-for-Strahan “straight” guy; evil monster who thinks Meryl Streep is “a dumb bitch”; corporate drone fist fighter; Velcro shoe-wearing pervert; seemingly charming Average Joe who’s actually a comedy magician in disguise. ” Party trick: N/A (no wonder he can’t earn a good nickname! Party foul: Not clicking socially with the other cadets; in an academy full of “Swoops”-es and “Gunner”-s, can’t distinguish himself enough to get a better name than “Winston Bishop” (until he does… It hits everybody at different times, hoss, but it’s comin’ for ya.” Party tricks: Ring diving, eating pizza.

SCHMIDT Designated _______: Dicer Party chant: “Now, I’m gonna go do a deep-ass mouthwash.” Alternate party chant: “Role playing? ” Party tricks: This “rugged, Semitic prince” goes by the alias Jack Steel; split-second, instinctual decisiveness; can spot a pervert from an entire Internet away; date-scheduling and branding whiz; innovative, if extreme, teaching techniques; incredibly creative with excuses for getting out of dates (some of which involve accents and long-lost children! Party foul: Ringtone is Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” (though, to be fair, he “[hasn’t] received a non-text message in two years”); teaching tactics include slapping glasses of water off the table and hurling mobile phones; -annoying buzzer; susceptibility to Jess’s blind optimism about love leads to desperate misreading of Dice protocol. and it’s “Toilet” because he “deals with a lot of crap” from his ridiculous roommates); announces when “Winny the Bish needs to go make a caca”; thinks bringing Nick and Coach as party crashers will make him look cool in front of his buddy cops; drops inappropriate, spoiler-filled literary references in casual conversation (, anybody? NICK Designated _______: Stoner Sherpa Party chant: “You can’t just pick up pot and be good at it. Party foul: Doesn’t know the difference between the girl’s nickname Barb and Babar the Elephant, even when not stoned; repeats himself when high; questionable logic; terrible Al Pacino impression; volatile transition between mellow-stoned and crazy-paranoid-stoned; kicks over grills and ruins perfectly good food when he feels threatened; terrible hiding-place picker.

Dig Me Up Dig Me Down (air date: 2016-10-31) After the death of his wife, Sheriff Miller is forced into retirement and replaced by Evie Barret.

Evie discovers the town is possessed by demons, and that Stan's wife was the only one keeping them at bay. Know, Know, Know Your Goat (air date: 2016-11-02) Stan's daughter Denise goes blueberry picking and comes home with a pet goat that turns out to be The Baphomet, an ancient, goat-based demon who wants both Stan and Denise dead. Let Your Love Groan (air date: 2016-11-09) Stan, Evie and Denise go speed dating and suddenly find themselves involved with their perfect match.

Only they also find themselves growing weak and rapidly aging - even Denise, whose perfect match was a pot-bellied pig named Murgatroyd.

Life Orr Death (air date: 2016-11-09) Evie attempts to rescue Stan’s prized possession, his Bobby Orr hockey stick, from the church donation pile, only to find herself transported into the spirit world where she too, is on trial for witchcraft.

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Party foul: Uses banana gifting ceremony to make awkward insinuations about thin walls, then say, “Just kidding, they’re thick—you’re just really loud!Of course, when Winston took the liberty of inviting Nick, Coach, and Cece, he was pretty desperate…desperate enough to disregard the fact that they’d gotten stoned one last time before their roommate became a cop who could bust them.Spider Walk With Me (air date: 2016-11-23) A mysterious stranger shows up on Stan's door with knowledge of the curse he and Evie are fighting.At the same time, Willard's Mill residents start getting killed by a giant spider.

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