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Around the middle of the 19th century, "Scandinavian" style locks, or "Polhem locks", invented by the eponymous Swedish inventor Christopher Polhem, became a more secure alternative to the prevailing smokehouse and screw locks.These locks had a cast iron body that was loaded with a stack of rotating disks.Przeworsk and Chernyakhov padlocks had a sleeve attached to the case, and a long bent rod which could be inserted into the case and the sleeve.Padlocks have been used in China since the late Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD).Each disk had a central cutout to allow the key to pass through them and two notches cut out on the edge of the disc.

FEE-HELP is a Federal Government student loan (similar to HECS) that lets you study now for your accredited higher education course and pay your fees later.

The Commonwealth VET Student Loans program assists eligible students to pay for some or all of your course fee in Diploma level courses and above.

Roman padlocks had a long bent rod attached to the case, and a shorter piece which could be inserted into the case.

They allow you to learn a trade or workplace skill and receive a nationally accredited qualification.

Traineeships usually last one or two years and provide training in newer vocational areas not usually covered by apprenticeships.

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