Is rachel bilson dating wilson bethel

life, During the “Bad Ass Boys of the CW” panel, you talked about writing poetry…WB: Writing has always been a big part of my life.

My mother’s a writer and I grew up in a household where that was something that meant a lot to me.

AE: I saw show creator Leila Gerstein recently and she said she had some plans to have a larger gay presence on the show in the second season.

But let’s say she came to you and said, ’Okay, so Wade’s going to have a little gay fling.’ Or, maybe, ‘we’re not going to label it, but that’s something that happens.’ How would you react to that?

I wouldn’t have traded for anything to have been like an overnight success when I was twenty-one.

And I think that it’s often like that myth of overnight stardom and stuff like that.

Among other items, he shared his thoughts on playing gay and talked about his career pre-Hart of Dixie, which included getting fired from another popular prime time soap!

WB: You know in every job I have ever done, it’s so much about the story and the character first.

If I felt like it was true to the story, and I felt like it was part of the natural progression of things I would be absolutely all about it.

) are two such pieces of eye candy on the show, but it’s difficult not to notice Wilson Bethel, who plays Dr.

Hart’s charming, sexy and often shirtless and sweaty neighbor Wade Kinsella.

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