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I just want to point out the famous maxim: History is written by the victors.

It does not surprise me that there is very little Egyptian evidence for the Exodus.

On the other hand, Manetho’s description of the rebels as being “lepers and polluted people” should not be taken literary to mean that they were suffering from some form of physical maladies - the sense was that they were seen as impure because of their denial of Egyptian religious beliefs.

Yet, while you note Egyptians had a tendency to record historical events in a way flattering to themselves, you fail to consider that the Hebrews did the same throughout the Bible.

The books of Moses were written several hundred years after his time, when the Hebrew people were held in captivity in Babylon.

They included, he adds, some of the learned priests, who were afflicted with leprosy.

Then this wise seer Amenophis was seized with a fear that he would draw down the wrath of the gods on himself and the king if the violence done to these men were detected; and he added a prediction that the polluted people would find certain allies who would become masters of Egypt for thirteen years.

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