Dating galina belarus

Mr Lukashenko has courted the West and the European Union with some success latterly to counter Moscow's influence though his brutal crackdown at the weekend is likely to derail that rapprochement.

He has sporadically pushed for greater integration with Russia over the years but appears to have put the breaks on that process, realising that it risks diluting his own absolute power in his tiny neo-Soviet kingdom.

Your sons maybe consider you the best father over the world!!!

Because you are their friend and it is very important thing. And there is a very important for sons to have their father as a close friend!!!

Very often the day brings me meetings with my close friends & interesting plans connected with the job. Just in these days I can do almost everything what I want & what I like to do. That's why it's always a special day for me when I & my friends have a picnic somewhere in the forest or near the river. I feel myself especially happy when it's me who organize it. If you can, have gone them to me through Western Union, the address of branch: When you will send money you necessarily write ten numbers of a remittance.

The adults must to understand, what are on the children's heart and soul, they must to take part in their children life as a close person, as a friend.

And than the adult's authority will be indisputable.

Nevertheless I received letters like this: Dear sir, We have printed, translated and delivered your message to your Lady. But I am well now, and I with great joy want to write to you! And I like very much your thoughts about your relations with sons.

All my thoughts was about your letter, your reflections about life.... When I was reading your letter I was lost in thought....

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