Art of manliness online dating

For starters a medium size, moderately priced, new razor will do the job.

I personally use a double edge razor similar to what was common from the 1930’s till the mid 1960’s.

It doesn’t need to be so, and there’s nothing convenient about a second-rate shave.

Advertising offering more and more blades on a razor and alcohol filled gels from aerosol cans have taken the ritual out of shaving and turned it into a burden.

If trying a straight razor, it literally can cut through your jugular vein fast and painless as can be, so take your time and be gentle. If a double edged razor or safety razor as some call it is your choice, as mine is, there is as well a learning curve to keeping your face in good shape.

Fortunately, men the world over have started to rediscover not only the efficiency but the pleasure of an old-style wet shave.Wet shaving is simply about a better shave with less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs.An old style double-edge razor or straight razor won’t pull the hairs and cut them below the level of the skin as is the case with multi-blade cartridges, therefore taking better care of your skin and your beard.The shaving brush is the pivotal element of wet shaving. The brush will massage and exfoliate your skin and the motion required to apply the soap will also lift your hair, preparing if for the shave.For a scrubbier feeling try a brush made of pure or best badger, for a soft touch super badger or silver tip will do the trick.

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